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  • current~2008
  • 2007~2004
  • 2003~1998
  • 2017
  • Nov. Won the Prize of Ulsan Metropolitan City Mayor [CEO Yong Whan, Jung]
  • Nov. Awarded promising company certification[Ulsan Technopark]
  • 2016
  • Jul. Convention on the Formation of Energy flow Combination Contracts
  • Jun. Award from Offshore & Shipbuilding's Day The Minister of Commerce
  • Sep.Industry and Energy [CEO Yong Whan, Jung]
  • Jun.Selected as an export promising Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Sep.Businesses in Korea(SMBA)
  • Jun.Selected a prospective Firm (Ulsan Technopark)
  • Apr.Selected as the youth frindly small hidden champion
  • 2015
  • Dec.Won the Appreciation Plaque for the Excellent Enterprise of Business and Academic
    Cooperation[University of Ulsan]
  • May.Selected as the Best Local Company to Work in Busan [Ministry of Trade, Industry
    and Energy]
    Selected as the Field Recommandable Small but Strong Company [Busan Factory-Busan Ministry of Employment and Labor]
  • Jan Won the Prize of Ulsan Metropolitan City Mayor [CEO Yong Whan, Jung]
  • 2014
  • Dec.Designation of Human Resources Development company Establishment of Public-
  • Dec.Private Partnership Collaboration LUX-ENG Co., Ltd.
  • Dec.by Small & Medium Business Corporation.
  • Jul.Selected as a leading management from IBK
  • 2013
  • Sep.  Decorated Medal of Industrial service merit from
  • Sep.  37th National Productivity Award
  • Sep.  Established 2nd factory of Mungyeong Branch
  • May. Selected as 2013 Excellent Employment Company from Busan city
  • 2012
  • Dec.  Selected as the top NSF-ISR management system
  • Apr.  Won Exemplary Taxpayer Award(National Tax Service)
  • 2011
  • Jun.  Selected as best Labor and Capital Culture Company(Ministry of Labor)
  • Mar.  National Industrial development contribution Award from
  • Mar.  The Minister of Knowledge Economy
  • 2010
  • Mar.  Commerce & Industry grand prize from Ulsan Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Mar.  Business Innovation Award from the Minister of Ministry of
  • Mar.  Knowledge Economy
  • Feb.  Excellent Employment Company Award from the Chief of
  • Feb.  Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
  • 2009
  • Sep.   Acquisition the certificate Best-HRD by HRD Korea
  • Aug.  Certified as specialist of the renewable energy by Ministry of
  • Aug.  Knowledge Economy
  • Jul.    Certified as the Best HRM & Welfare Company by Korea Labor Foundation)
  • May. Accredited to venture business by Korea Technology Finance
  • May. Corporation No:20090104173
  • May.  Established Mungyeong branch(Solar Division)
  • 2008
  • Sep.  Selected World Class promotion target company (Small Business Corporation)
  • May. Established eonyang branch (Switchboard Division)
  • May. Acquisition the certificate of MAIN-BIZ company
  • May. by Small & Medium Business Administration.
  • 2007
  • Nov. One million dollar export award from Korea International Trade Association
  • Apr.  Established Busan branch(Electronics Division)
  • Jan.  Alteration of corporation name to Luxco Co., Ltd
  • Jan.  (Chung Yong-hwan Director appointed)
  • 2006
  • Aug. Shipbuilding and Marine R & D projects selected to perform here
  • Aug. (Organizer: Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • May. Acquisition the certificate of INNO-BIZ Company by Small
  • May. & Medium Business Administration
  • 2005
  • Dec. International Certification ISO 14001 & 9001 (AQA International)
  • Jul.   Established R & D Center
  • Jun.  Selected as qualified business of maintenance for SK Corporation
  • May. Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. registered service eligibility and quality certification
  • 2004
  • Jun.   HHI LEVEL - iii quality certified
  • May. Chief of Small and Medium Business Administration Award
  • 2003
  • Oct.   Start Service website
  • 2002
  • Oct.   Introduction of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system
  • May. Electrical construction business registration
  • Apr.  POSCO professional SRM Vendor Registration
  • Jan.   Bid PPS Register
  • 2001
  • Oct. Selected as promising small and medium business by Kyongnam Bank
  • 2000
  • Mar. Korea Electric Cooperative Association registered
  • 1998
  • Nov. Acquisition of ISO9001 Certificate
  • Aug. Registered as partner company of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Aug. Established Myunggil Electronics Co., Ltd

  • [Ulsan Factory] #24 Hwalbam-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan, Korea TEL 052-280-0800 FAX 052-287-8598
  • [Busan Factory] Nasan Riverville 5, Nakdongnam-ro 1390beon-gil, Saha-gu, Busan TEL 051-260-1300 FAX 051-260-1399
  • [Eonyang Factory] #58 Galjun-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea TEL 052-280-0700 FAX 052-254-8581
  • [Mungyeong Factory] #19-14 Sanyang Ind.Park 1 road, Sanyang-myun, Mungyeong-si, GyeongSangbuk-do, Korea TEL 054-556-8580 FAX 054-556-8581
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