Motor Control Center

Motor Control Center
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Motor Control Center

  • 1Protection of driver from the main bus and prevention of short-circuit fault when withdrawing the automatic shutter installation unit.
  • 2Secure electrical and structural stability with installation of partition between units.
  • 3With the application of safety door locker, it safely releases the generated pressure in case of short-circuit fault.
  • 4Horizontal and vertical bus bar is designed to endure considerable amount of rating short-circuit strength.


Low Voltage Switch Gear
Rated Insulation Voltage AC 660V
Rated Control circuit Voltage AC100V/110V, 200/220V
Rated Bus Current Horizontal Bus 600 ~ 3000A
Vertical Bus 300 ~ 720A
Rated Bus Short-
time Current (1 s)
Horizontal Bus Maximum 83KA
Vertical Bus Maximum 65KA
Cabinet Structure Indoor, outdoor, independent, wall-mounting
independent, plate-sided, double-sided
Protection degree IP 40 ~ 54
Size [mm] Width xDepthxHeight
*600x600x2240 / *800x400x2240
*600x800x2240 / *800x(2x400)x2240

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