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Main Switchboard
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Main Switchboard



  • 1The switch is easily accessible from the front and rear.
  • 2It needs to be installed on a wall with a ventilation window, away from combustible an acid gases.
  • 3There should be proper treatment if a pipe is installed over the switchboard.


Rating and Technical Specifcation
Type Totally-enclosed, dead-front, Floor standing multi-cubicle
Rated Voltage 500V AC (up to 690V AC, Option
Rated Current 9000A MAX(withstand current:300kA,Asym.Peak)
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz


Frame Work Formed sheet steel or substantial box-frame
Access Front and rear (Front only, Option)
Protection degree IP22(IP23,Option)
Handrail Front and rear
Power line inlet Bottom or upper part of rear (top part,option)

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